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France to uphold ban on sale of fossil fuel cars by 2040

France will help its automakers make the eco-friendly switch

France will help its automakers make the eco-friendly switch.

Lamborghini goes from carbon fiber to carbon neutral [w/video]

Whether the customer cares or not, Lamborghini is committed to cutting the carbon footprint of its manufacturing operations - staring with a new power plant opened on premises.

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VW uses NorCal Forest to make e-Golf carbon neutral

3Degrees, The Conservation Fund Figure Out How To Value CO2

VW has decided to make the e-Golf carbon neutral, from production to the first 36,000 miles of driving. The Garcia River Forest is key in making this work.

Audi A3 E-Tron goes carbon neutral with German green electricity deal

Audi is proving that the fresh water flowing through the European Alps isn't just for bottling and drinking anymore. The German automaker struck a deal with Hamburg-based LichtBlick to offer buyers of the Audi A3 Sportback E-Tron a chance to get their electrical juice from all renewable-energy sources. That means all the power going into charging stations can come from hydroelectric power from Germany, Au

CO2-neutral* Audi A3 G-Tron goes on sale in Germany

The Audi A3 Sportback G-Tron has been on our natural gas-powered radar since it was unveiled at last year's Geneva Motor Show. Just before the big show starts up again this year, Audi put the new G-Tron vehicle on sale in Germany today, starting at 25,900 euros ($35,400 US). Anyone who opts for the Audi e-gas fuel card will be able to cruise the Autoba

In Detail: Bio-Bug

There are some crazy ideas out there on how to power a car. Everything from DIY steam and wood power to OEM-built hydrogen and Kyle Thibaut

Wales to host the first carbon neutral FIA World Rally Championship

In this day and age of increased environmental awareness, not even motorsports are granted exclusion from the eco-friendly expectations which all companies and organizations are held to. Of course, it's not just the racing itself that causes carbon emissions, as the fans attending the event need to travel in order to get there. In fact, as you can see from the graph below, when race organizers for the upcoming Jeremy Korzeniewski

Jack Bauer: Eco-warrior? The greening of 24

We don't think fans of 24 need to worry about the show getting all preachy. It'll still focus on Jack saving the world while dishing out pain and death to bad guys in inventive, entertaining ways. (Hopefully in association with a plot that's more compelling than the horrendous snooze-fest it turned into this past season, but I digress.) That aside, the producers have said that climate change will be worked into the program when it's appropriate. And that's not all -- it's taken on a rol

Aussie utility announces carbon trading scheme

Australian energy utility Origin Energy has taken a leadership position in the trading of carbon by announcing a new Carbon Reduction Scheme for businesses to buy and sell verified carbon offsets. Australia already has a federal government run Renewable Energy Certificate scheme in place for trading electronic renewable energy generation units equal to one Megawatt hour each but previously had no provision

Singer KT Tunstall wants celebrities to make it "very uncool to drive an SUV"

KT Tunstall has been quite busy with her career as of late, as you can tell with her recent grammy nomination and performances all over the world. I watched her perform a song on TV on New Years Day. Speaking of which, Jeremy Korzeniewski

UK's Guild of Motoring Writers can make their members' jobs carbon negative

The Guild of Motoring Writers and Climate Care have teamed up to make covering the world of automobiles carbon negative. Climate Care has a variety of carbon offset programs available (Climate Care also teamed up with Land Rover to make the production and use of Land Rover vehicles carbon neutral in the UK), and this plan does most of those one better.

SMART EV going carbon neutral, getting corporate partners

The SMART EV, which is about to be launched in the UK, can now be a carbon neutral car. DaimlerChrysler UK announced yesterday that it is working on a plan where all carbon dioxide emitted as a SMART EV is made and delivered will be "measured, reduced where possible and the remaining unavoidable emissions offset through a mixture of renewable energy, energy efficiency and forestry projects which will save and absorb 1

Mazda develops another use for corn - bioplastic

Mazda Motor Corp. and an industrial consortium are partnering with the Japanese government and the academic community to develop a new bioplastic made through a fermentation process using natural materials such as fermented starches and sugars derived from corn.

U.K. car mag world's first to go 'carbon neutral'

What Car? magazine announced Thursday that it is the first car magazine to go 'climate neutral' - offsetting all the carbon dioxide emissions it produces testing cars, running its offices and flying to car events worldwide.