European Ford chief: personal carbon output will be common knowledge in 10-15 years

If Lewis Booth, Ford's chief in Europe and head of its Premier Automotive Group, is right, then TerraPass and other carbon offset programs are way ahead of the curve. Booth, speaking at the British motor show, said that in the next 10 to 15 years consumers will track their carbon footprint as well as they watch their bank statements today. Knowing this number means people will make lifestyle changes, Booth said.
Booth and Roelant de Waard, head of Ford in the UK, both called on European countries to rethink their pro-hybrid policies, including tax breaks and exemption from costs like the London congestion charge. Ford recently announced it would not focus on hybrids in favor of ethanol-capable vehicles.

[Source: Autocar Magazine UK via Treehugger]

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