How do Michiganders feel about the General Motors/Renault-Nissan deal?

So nice of Detroit's WDIV-TV and the Detroit Free Press to ask folks living in Michigan how they feel about the General Motors/Renault-Nissan deal, eh? With GM residing in the state and being largely responsible for the state of its economy, everyone from plant workers to advertising agency execs and even Detroit-area Starbucks baristas will likely be affected by a merger.

Good thing, then, that over half (53%) of Michigan residents think a merger with Renault-Nissan would be a good thing and benefit the economy. 26 percent say it would be a bad thing, while the remaining 21 percent are unsure. On the upside, residents from both union and non-union households say that the move is a step in the right direction for the automaker. On the downside, however, 46 percent of those polled say that they expect this to be a bad thing for the United Auto Workers. 23 percent were unsure how it would affect unions.

[Source: The Detroit Free Press]

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