Another RAV4 EV sale on eBay, this time for $55,000

$15,000 for the batteries?  An older battery system seems to be one of the main differences between the most-recent RAV4 EV which sold on eBay for almost $15,000 less than the RAV4 that sold for about $70,000 there about a month ago. As the only somewhat mass-produced, full-size electric vehicle still kicking around that was made by a major auto manufacturer, the RAV4 EV is a unique automobile. The RAV4 EV has been discontinued, but with Toyota's recent announcement that the company would service the RAV4 EVs as long as the vehicles are "sustainable", buying the EV now is not a bad investment. The seller says that this particular vehicle still has about a year and a half of warranty left on the battery system, powertrain and restraint systems, so if the expensive batteries do suffer some in the next few months, there is some recourse.

[Source: eBay. Hat tip to Michael Polsinelli]

Toyota RAV4 EV sells for almost $70,000 on eBay
Where Toyota's RAV4s are at today and tomorrow

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