Toyota RAV4 EV sells for almost $70,000 on eBay

It’s sort of a subtext to most green car news that there is a population out there that is willing to pay for the privilege to drive something other than a gasoline engine vehicle. This story puts that subtext firmly on top.

One of the few Toyota RAV4 EV available for sale was sold on eBay yesterday for $67,000. Toyota stopped making the RAV4 EV in the spring of 2003. Considering the RAV4 EV originally sold for around $42,000 (as mentioned on Green Car Congress) and there were about $13,000 worth of tax credits available at the time, the all-electronic (not a hybrid) RAV4 are one of the few cars that is going up in value. Ebay prices are not always the best way to judge what something’s actually worth (remember the grilled cheese sandwich?), but there is at least one person out there who really, really wanted a zero-emission SUV and was willing to pay almost $70,000 for it. Detroit should really be paying attention.

[Source: eBay and Green Car Congress, and thanks to Jankdc for the tip]

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