Where Toyota's RAV4s are at today, and tomorrow

The fate of the General Motors electric vehicle, the EV1, has, literally, been documented all over the place. But the fate of electric vehicles from another major automobile manufacturer has been less publicized. Perhaps that's because, unlike GM's EV1 crushing policy, Toyota has announced it will keep all of its RAV4 EVs that are still running on the road "as long as they are safe and it is practical to do so" and "as long as they are sustainable". Toyota said last week that RAV4 EVs can continue to be leased (or purchased) by lesees and that vehicles returned to Toyota will be redeployed if they're still up to snuff. If they're not, then they will be harvested for parts and the rest will be recycled. Sounds a lot more sensible to me than letting them rust in the desert.

[Source: Toyota]

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