Mitsubishi Fuso's new Green Truck

Now we're getting somewhere. Mitsubishi Fuso will sell a diesel-electric hybrid light truck in Japan this fall. The company expects to sell several hundred of these trucks, called the Canter Eco Hybrid, before January. Mitsubishi Fuso, which is mostly owned by DaimlerChrysler AG of Germany, is a key component to the parent company's growth in Asia, according to this AP article in the Houston Chronicle.
The Canter Eco Hybrid meets the strict emission standard that won't go into effect in Japan until August 2007 and Mistubishi Fuso claims the truck can be called the cleanest commercially available light duty truck in the world. Nitrogen oxide emissions are 41 percent lower and particulate matter emissions are 46 percent lower than conventional light trucks, Mistubishi Fuso said.

[Source: Houston Chronicle via Hybrid Cars]

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