SUV and gas prices: looking beyond the numbers

Though individual dealerships and brands have reported different numbers regarding SUV purchases, overall sales for new ones have been declining especially among middle class buyers. Also, many current owners are trying to sell their vehicles and downsize into a more fuel-efficient car in the hopes to save on gas.
But does this strategy really work? Kristin Anderson of WKYC crunched some numbers for 2002 GMC Yukon owner Aaron Perusek who has been trying to sell the SUV for more than two months. According to Anderson, the Peruseks will save $300 a year in fuel if the family moves into a Pontiac Torrent; $900 if into a Pontiac Vibe.

Unfortunately, the two latter vehicles may be too much of a compromise for the gas savings. States the Sarver family, who are looking into SUVs: "We need the room and more importantly we need the power to pull an AirStream. We are campers, and this little (rented) car, wouldn't do it."

We agree: for every single person who's using their Escalade or HUMMER as their daily driver of choice, there plenty of families hauling 5-7 warm-bodies, their gear, and either a camper, boat, or another vehicle on a far more regular basis. None of that information is covered in most auto enthusiast's magazines or websites.

[Source: WKYC]

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