Slow Signal Fade tours American in a CNG van called Molly

As a freelance writer, I've got to weave a lot of threads (article deadlines, interview requests, etc.) into something resembling a coherent daily schedule. So I do my newspaper work at certain times and my blog work at other times. Of course, there are instances where all the strings come together.

This was the case when I recently interviewed Marguerite Olivelle, singer for the band the Slow Signal Fade. While preparing for the interview, I noticed on the band's website that their tour bus runs on CNG (compressed natural gas). While I couldn't fit a lot about this green car tidbit into the newspaper article, I asked Olivelle a few questions about their van (called Molly) and got permission from her to reproduce them on AutoblogGreen. You can read my music-centered article on the Slow Signal Fade here (registration required).

ABG: Tell me about your tour vehicle running on CNG?
Olivelle: It's funny because we had this 20-year-old van that would crap out on us every five days. Before this tour, we started looking at vans and prices are crazy. We saw that some other bands do CNG, and looked into it and saw that CNG is not everywhere around the country. But we found this van for sale that had both, CNG and regular [gasoline]. Since CNG is so much cheaper and it's clean burning, we went for it.

ABG: How has touring with the van been?
Olivelle: So far, it's been quite incredible. If there were more [CNG] stations, we'd fill up more.

ABG: Why CNG instead of, say, biodiesel?

Olivelle: As a band, we are all about CNG. We'd looked into biodiesel, but it's hard when you're traveling. The new hybrids we couldn't really afford. I'm really excited about our CNG van. I was also thinking of converting my personal car to E85, but there aren't many E85 pumps in my area. In California, the state is trying to fund the pumps and the gas companies are not wanting to put them in.

[Source: Marguerite Olivelle]

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