Oldest Accord ever still running strong - UPDATE

MotorTrend.com discovered Ben Johnson who traded his Pontiac GTO for a Honda Accord back in 1977 and never looked back. The Goat had been eating a hole in Johnson's pocket because of the era's high gas prices, so he picked up one of them new fuel-efficient 1976 Honda Accords, which was the first model year for what has become one of the best selling vehicles of all time.

The amazing part is that Johnson is still driving his Accord after 30 years and almost 300,000 miles. Of the 13 million Accords sold over the years, Johnson believes his to be the oldest one still in operation. His VIN number proves it's older than the one Honda itself has housed in its Tokyo museum. He's also learned that only models built near the end of the first model year were exported to markets other than the U.S., so it's unlikely there exists an older example outside of this country.

Being a car nut, Johnson has modified the Accord a bit with an aftermarket stereo, high-performance shocks and tires and a custom carburetor system. He'd also consider selling the vehicle, but only to a museum or similar organization that would display it as part of an exhibit on how rising energy costs can change the nation's buying habits, just like they did back in 1976.

[Source: MotorTrend.com]

UPDATE - Johnson purchased his Accord in 1977, not 1967.

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