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World's first hybrid, built in 1896, goes up for auction

Armstrong Phaeton used a self-starter, regenerative braking, and semi-automatic transmission.

The 1896 Armstrong Phaeton goes on the auction block at Amelia Island.

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Meet Red Briggs, America's oldest bus driver [w/video]

Gerald Briggs drives a bus, just like hundreds if not thousands of people across the country. But unlike most bus drivers, the man who goes by the nickname of "Red" is a nonagenerian. That's right: he's 90 years old, and still drives a school bus, just as he has for the last 30 years and then some.

Porsche celebrating 60th year in U.S. by searching for oldest example in the country

Sixty years ago, New York City businessman Max Hoffman began selling a diminutive German sports car with an air-cooled four-cylinder boxer engine hanging off the rear axle. Today, Porsche is one of the most highly respected performance brands in the world.

Oldest Accord ever still running strong - UPDATE

MotorTrend.com discovered Ben Johnson who traded his Pontiac GTO for a Honda Accord back in 1977 and never looked back. The Goat had been eating a hole in Johnson's pocket because of the era's high gas prices, so he picked up one of them new fuel-efficient 1976 Honda Accords, which was the first model year for what has become one of the best selling vehicles of all time.