More 2007 Honda CR-V shots

A new pair of pics showing the next generation Honda CR-V has surfaced, and these clearly show every curve and crease of the cute ute's new body.

The reaction to the new design both in the comments of our previous post and in the forums has for the most part been negative, although some have already begun to warm up to it. Criticism has been heaped upon the design of the new CR-V's front end, which features a rather large underbite beneath a three bar lower grille. The rear of the CR-V has drawn the ire of many as well, not so much for the tailgate, which now opens vertically, or trademark tall taillights, but for the sloping of the side glass that doesn't match the contour of the vehicle's profile.

Clearly the CR-V has increased in size just like its main competitor, the Toyota RAV-4. We're guessing the awkward profile provides enough room in the back for some type of third-row seating. Despite the growth spurt, the new CR-V will reportedly not get the turbocharged engine from the Acura RDX, but instead make do with a 2.4L four-cylinder producing 170 hp.

[Source: Honda]

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