Chrysler deals out the good prizes for virtual filmmaking victory

Chrysler already got on the good side of budding filmmakers with its Chrysler Million Dollar Film Festival and other collaborations with the big festivals. The company has also been reaching out to gamers via games like Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition and Medal of Honor. 

It looks like Chrysler is mixing the best of both worlds by supporting virtual movies created using the PC game, The Movies. The game is something of a Sim City for the movie industry -- players build up their studio empires, deal with temperamental actors, and even develop and direct their own movies. The only thing better than playing a movie mogul is winning a Chrysler Crossfire, just like the creator of Bullets are Forever.

The common thread throughout all of the movies is the automotive angle, whether stars are charging after each other in a high-speed chase, talking about their sweet rides or otherwise engaging in automotive love.

[Source: News 14]

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