Strategic Vision Top Quality Award winners for 2006 announced

Another day, another trophy case full of quality awards to hand out, and this time the presenter is Strategic Vision, which had 29,000 vehicle owners rate their rides in various areas that encompass a product's positive characteristics, reliability, the dealership experience and the owner's emotional response. You can read the down and dirty of the rating process here.

The domestics have a lot to be happy about here considering GM secured a win in five segments, giving it more TQAs than any other manufacturer. Ford only had one segment win, but it was the Fusion in the hotly contested Medium Car category, which counts for something. The Dodge Charger and Magnum both brought an award home for Chrysler, as well. The highest rated vehicle in any segment was the BMW 7-Series and, whaddya know, the Honda Ridgeline can add another notch to its bedpost for winning the Full-Size Pickup segment.

Check out a list of all the TQA winners here.

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