Challenge Bibendum offers up a wealth of alternatives

Dozens of alternative vehicles were displayed this weekend in Paris, at the eight annual Challenge Bibendum, sponsored by Michelin. The vehicles address one or more of the toughest issues facing personal mobility: fuel efficiency, emissions, alternative fuels, safety, and congestion. The vehicles on display, from major auto manufacturers and individual inventors, ranged from the all too familiar hybrid-electric and fuel cell vehicles to CNG-fueled sports cars and futuristic looking oddball concept vehicles. While every vehicle on display offered a potential solution to some of the challenges facing the automotive industry (like the multi-fuel Volvo), there is clearly no breakthrough which would resolve all of the problems. The head of Nissan's fell cell program believes the fuel-cell vehicle will eventually lead the pack over all the other technologies, however, he does not expect Nissan or its competitors to build a truly market-ready fuel-cell vehicle for at least another decade.
[Source:  TheCarConnection]

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