Multi-fuel Volvo prototype can burn five fuel types

Volvo announced last week a prototype flexible fuel engine that can burn five different types of fuel: E85, methane (made from either natural gas or plant sources, so Volvo is counting this as two fuels), regular petrol gasoline or hythane, (which is 10 percent hydrogen and 90 percent methane). The vehicle, called the Multi-Fuel, was unveiled at the Michelin Challenge Bibendum, the "international sustainable mobility event".

Volvo claims the Multi-Fuel "meets virtually all known emission standards in the world, including the proposed Euro 5. Running on pure renewable fuels like hydrogen, biomethane and bioethanol means negligible net contribution of carbon dioxide to the greenhouse effect." Automotto and Babez have the press release.

[Source:, Hat Tip to Zodingi and Dave]

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