Plug-in hybrid car flown to Washington to promote green car technologies

Timed to coincide with the Big Three automakers' CEOs meeting last week with President Bush (which the President cancelled), two groups who promote alternative fuel vehicles, Set America Free and CalCars, decided to take some plug in hybrids to the Capitol steps. The visit garnered attention from elected officials, the media and the Capitol police, according to HybridCars. Since one of the cars was in California right before the meeting date, the groups flew the Prius in for the event.
The two cars were modified by plug-in hybrid proponents (to allow them to be plugged in) and decorated with giant red letters saying "100+ MPG" to really drive the point home that these cars are fuel efficient. Of course, that number is slightly deceptive because plug-in cars take power from the electric grid and the gallons of fuel in the tank. If you're interested, there's a discussion of the number on the Hybrid Cars website.


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