Honda sets goals to reduce future emissions footprint, seems to miss the big picture

In his mid-year speech yesterday, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui said Honda would focus on three core areas to increase the company's profits and brand in the coming years. According to Honda's synopsis of the speech, the three areas are:
"1) Establishing advanced manufacturing systems and capabilities
 2) Strengthening the foundation for overseas growth
 3) Strengthening the commitment to reduce Honda's environmental footprint"

Most exciting to AutoblogGreen readers is the third area, which means Honda will work on a cleaner diesel engine, an all-new hybrid, and a new dedicated family hybrid that will be sold in 2009 at a lower price than the Civic Hybrid.

Fukui also mentioned Honda's voluntary CO2 emissions reductions. While reducing carbon dioxide emissions is worth it, we've just got to state for the record that cutting emissions in these baby steps while doubling vehicle production capacity in India and increasing it by 120,000 units in China (two goals also mentioned by Fukui in his speech), overall damage to the environment is not going to decrease.

[Source: Honda]

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