Tricked-out Acura RSX hoped to help police prevent street-racing

Last week the police of London, Ontario unveiled their latest weapon to combat illegal street-racing: an Acura RSX coupe with modifications such as tinted windows and $1,500 worth of wheels.
In London, nine people have been arrested in recent months due to street racing while 30 deaths in the Toronto area have been attributed to the activity in the past decade. The London police force hopes that the RSX, donated by a local dealership, will make it easier to approach car enthusiasts who often gather to show off their modified vehicles. According to Constable Bernie Martin, who suggested the idea, enthusiasts get nervous and leave at the sight of an approaching police Crown Victoria police cruiser. The London police hope that the RSX, which still bear police stickers, will make it easier for them to approach, then educate enthusiasts on what is legal, like racing on dragstrips, and what is not (the streets).

The RSX donation is temporary; the department will hand it back to the dealership at the end of the summer.

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[Source: London Free Press]

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