Hummer H1 could be headed towards retirement

When people think of Hummer these days they’re more likely to conjure an image of the H2 than the original H1. A commemorated war veteran, the H1’s sales have fallen to fewer than 400 last year, though each Hummer dealer is still required to accept at least one unit per year. A $140,000 price tag and fuel mileage that barely breaks into double digits mean the H1’s days might be numbered.

The H3, Hummer’s smallest model, has quickly risen to become the brand’s most popular model, which indicates Hummer could be headed further down market with another smaller, more fuel efficient model. Martin Walsh, Hummer’s new general manager, reassures the Detroit News that the brand will not resort to car-based crossovers like Jeep has done. Was that a diss? We think it was.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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