Maine biodiesel and biofuel heating fuel newspaper report

It’s probably the afterglow of Earth Day and the media timing their stories to be timely, but there seems to be an amazing number of local newspapers with stories online that talk about various biodiesel or ethanol or recycling efforts. We’ve already looked at Wisconsin and Napa Valley.  Now, here’s a story about Maine, where homemade biodiesel and a heating fuel made in part from biofuel are given a deeper look. The article mentions Frontier Oil, which has been selling heating biofuel (a B20 mix of petroleum and biofuel) since 2001. I wonder if it has the same French fry smell as biodiesel. The article says there is no commercial biodiesel manufacturing in Maine, but biodiesel is available in two towns, South China and Union. As of Friday, biodiesel was 6 cents a gallon cheaper than regular diesel in Maine. [Source:]

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