Flickr biodiesel photos

Now and again here at AutoblogGreen, especially on weekends when people have a little bit of time to investigate a site on their own, we’ll take a peek at recent Flickr photos that have a green car technology theme to them. We’ll pick out some of our favorites and give you a chance to nominate your own faves in the comments. Today, we’ll start by looking at some photos tagged as “biodiesel”, of which there are currently 807.
I’d really like more information about this image. Are those giant inflatable frogs atop that Biowillie sign? Is this truck on the road somehow, or is it part of the truck stop’s signage?
I like this picture, of a green Vanagon that is powered by biodiesel and drives around displaying the words of Michael Franti on the back.
And this picture is part of a series of images of someone building a biodiesel processor out of an old water heater. If anyone is interested in tackling this process, this is what you’d be getting into. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun.

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