Rapeseed of War between food industry, biodiesel advocates

According to the Nutraingredients.com, there is currently a heated debate between the food industry and biodiesel advocates in Europe over the use rapeseed oil. The European Union seeks to increase the percentage of biofuel used in transportation from the current 2.5-pct to 5.7-pct by the year 2010 and rapeseed oil is a major source for the alternative fuel.

It's also a source for many food products such as margarine and sauces. Food industry organizations, such as the International Margarine Association of the Countries of Europe (IMACE), point to the already high price commanded by rapeseed oil in the marketplace. They argue that increasing the biodiesel requirement will negatively impact them and consumers. The biodiesel industry replies that the food industry has the ability to replace rapeseed oil in their products. As for the high price, the industry goes on to say that legislation will have to be implemented anyway to keep biodiesel prices comparable to regular diesel.

Consumer reluctance to purchase imported rapeseed oil has only served to compound the issue.

[Source: Nutraigredients.com]

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