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There's a video. You can watch it instead of eating one yourself.


A history of the MRE, the military's road food, plus its latest trick.

The MRE, or "Meal, Ready-to-Eat," has evolved to fit soldiers' changing tastes.


FCA puts the 'can' in Canada Day by Canstructing a Jeep Wrangler out of food cans, displaying the model in Vancouver before donating the cans to feed the hungry.

Have you ever been on the road and hungry, and thought "By golly, if I only had a microwave I could heat... anything... and eat it!" Well, neither have we. But that hasn't stopped Maplin Electronics from coming up with a portable, 12-volt microwave that you can operate through your cigarette lighter or hooked up directly to your car battery.

According to the Nutraingredients.com, there is currently a heated debate between the food industry and biodiesel advocates in Europe over the use rapeseed oil. The European Union seeks to increase the percentage of biofuel used in transportation from the current 2.5-pct to 5.7-pct by the year 2010 and rapeseed oil is a major source for the alternative fuel.