The Goat Lives! Lutz says next GTO still on

They're starting to sound like DaimlerChrysler's SMART division. Pontiac's on-again/off-again GTO is allegedly back on track for 2008, and will likely be built on GM's Zeta platform alongside the 2008 Chevy Camaro, AutoWeek reports. The announcement overturns the news that the GTO's successor had been cancelled due to GM's need to reorganize its priorities.

“The reason we said it was canceled is because that way our people would put their pencils down,” AutoWeek quotes GM's design czar Bob Lutz as saying at the Geneva Motor Show. “In GM if you say something is deferred, then people keep working on it. We really needed to get that message through to everybody.”

Other vehicles on the Camaro's Zeta platform will be the successors to the Monte Carlo, the Impala, a new vehicle called the Buick Statesman, but not the Firebird, according to Lutz.

[Source: AutoWeek]


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