Ford exec calls for "integrated approach" to CO2 reduction

Lewis Booth, executive VP for Ford Motor responsible for Ford Europe and the Premier Automotive Group, told a European Petroleum Industry conference Wednesday that Ford acknowledged the importance of climate change and the responsiblity to take action to stabilize CO2 levels.
Calling for "a complete and radical change of mindset: not only for Ford Motor Company...but for the whole auto industry," Booth (pictured at right) promoted an approach that integrates a variety of solutions to satisfy a wide range of consumer needs and regional constraints.

Booth also appealed to governments to ensure that policy and incentives are "technology neutral" - targeting the outcome, not the solution. Current trends in North American government policy aimed at improving fuel efficiency are moving in the opposite direction - subsidizing or incentivizing specific solutions like hybrid powertrains or E85 fuel.

Booth sees a portfolio of solutions aimed at improving CO2 performance, including clean diesel, direct injection gasoline, weight reduction, alternative fuel technologies, flexible fuel vehicles, hybrids, hydrogen internal combustion engines, plug-in hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cells.

[Source: Ford]

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