Ford's Piquette Project

The Detroit News is reporting that Ford Motor Company has embarked on a mission known within the company as the “Piquette Project”.
Very little detail on the project has been released, but according to the article, the project’s goal is to “ develop renewable, clean and safe vehicles that would be both socially conscious and provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.” That sounds a lot like a recyclable car to us. The project's name is based on Detroit's famed Piquette Avenue where founder Henry Ford developed the Model T (pictured).

One of the goals is to showcase the results by 2008.

Ford’s chairman and CEO Bill Ford Jr., great-grandson to Henry, implemented the project last year. Known team members include Gerhard Schmidt, vice president of research and advanced engineering; Nancy Gioia, director of sustainable mobility technologies and hybrids; and Camilo Pardo, designer of the Ford GT.

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