Lamborghini Miura update

In October we had posted a report that Lamborghini had plans to build a new Miura though no timetable has been given.

Well, this article at Motortorque seems to confirm that the Italian automaker is hiring on designers to pen the classic supercar in modern clothing. We know the new vehicle will be bigger than its predecessor, although no solid information on its appearance has been mentioned.

Germancarblog, however, has posted a possibly leaked picture which shows the Miura to retain its classic shape. (Pictured is the older, classic-shaped Miura.)

Will the Miura sport a classic appearance like the Ford GT a new take on an old theme like the Chrysler 300? Whatever it looks like won't matter if Lambo maintains its plans to give the Miura a full 700 raging bulls under the back hatch.

[Thanks, Christian]

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