Lamborghini is beginning to show Hyundai-like aspirations, reportedly planning to grow its product line from two to five models in the next few years and compete in entirely new segments. Inside Line reports the Italian automaker is planning to introduce a new Miura based on the Audi Le Mans with an upgraded 6.5L V12 engine producing 700 horsepower. Perhaps hoping for a piece of the SUV pie before it's all gone, the company also is preparing the LM00X, a high-performance sport-ute with either a supercharged V8 or V10 producing 400 and 500 hp, respectively. Finally, a new Espada 2+2 coupe is also in the works, though whether it would be mid-engine or front-engine is still up in the air. As a bonus, Inside Line also says the next Murcielago could get a version with an all-new V12 producing 1,000hp, which would make it the first direct competitor for Bugatti's Veyron and give parent company VW two ultra-mega-super-exotic cars in its stable.

[Thanks ebm14 for the tip]

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