Ford tries yet another tactic to sell some Fusions

Ford Motor Company is targeting the "young, hip group" to sell some Fusions via viral marketing courtesey of Norwegian pop group Hurra Torpedo. If you're surprised you've never heard of them, don't be -- the group is way far off the radar. It is an interesting idea, though, particularly since the group's appeal is the fact that their music is played on kitchen appliances, zippers, concrete, and other Stomp-ish instruments.

The site offers readers the chance to win a Fusion, as well as view "rockumentaries" (read: mockumentaries invented by J. Walter Thompson and Kurt Gunn and Associates)  featuring the trials and tribulations of Egil, Aslag and Kristopher on their U.S. tour... plus ample opportunities to watch the guys hammering apart crappy American kitchen appliances.

It's slightly more inventive than The Mudds, I must say, and I think that while it's a little confusing exactly what they're going for, it's a good effort that does a great job of using internet media (streaming video, blogs, a contest, etc.) in creative ways. They even go so far as to create a Flickr account in the ficticious film student's name.

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