Lexus has always had a very specific stereotype with me, and I share it with you unapologetically. As far as I have always been concerned, Lexus was the rich man's Buick. Squishy suspension, muted feedback and handling that just wasn't quite right. To put a stronger point on it, it is my grandpa's kind of car — he's owned LS 400 after LS 400 for as long as they've been around. The SC 300, SC 400 and the IS 300 have been somewhat of an exception, I'll concede that, but the jury even came back on those to say they're still off the mark. With the LF-A, that stereotype has been turned upside down.

While the LF-A concept was sitting pretty at Tokyo, its heavily-camouflaged sibling was making the rounds at Nurburgring, caught in spy shots posted on Lexus execs spilled the beans that the car will have a V-10, probably over 500 hp and a top speed of 200+. The rear wheel drive with front-engine layout is promised to be the ultimate in weight distribution.

Thanks to Tom for the tip.

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