With new sedans already being planned, the days are numbered for the Lincoln LS. Production of Lincoln's RWD sport sedan will end after the 2006 model year. The plant in Wixom, Michigan that currently assembles the LS has already lost the Ford Thunderbird. The Lincoln LS, Towncar, and Ford GT are currently being assembled at the plant. This certainly puts the Wixom plant in jeopardy, with Atlanta earmarked for the Towncar replacement and the Zephyr being built in Mexico. For enthusiasts, the loss of the Lincoln LS is disheartening. While the next generation Lincoln sedans will be capable and luxurious, I still hope for a return to rear wheel drive at Lincoln-Mercury dealerships. The current Autoblog Garage Mustang Convertible shows how a solid axle rear wheel drive car can provide acceptable ride quality and a decent price.

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