Volvo C30

Last Hurrah Comes and Goes In A Hurry It isn't very often that we drive a new car that's already out of production, but that's exactly what has happened with this 2013 Volvo C30. After just five years on the North American market, the last C30 quietly rolled off the assembly line back in Dece...

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2013 Volvo C30
MSRP: $25,500 - $32,850
2012 Volvo C30
MSRP: $24,950 - $31,850
2011 Volvo C30
MSRP: $24,700 - $27,100
Every US Volvo could get plug-in hybrid model

Whether we're talking XC90, S60 or V60, if Volvo sells it in the US, there is a decent chance that you will some day soon-ish be able to buy it with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. That's the message from Dean Shaw, VP Corporate Communications at Volvo Cars of North America, who spoke with AutoblogGreen during the New York Auto Show this week.
Volvo charges C30 wirelessly in less than three hours

Volvo completed what it called a "successful" study of wireless charging systems for electric vehicles by fully charging up an all-electric C30 in about two and a half hours.
Volvo C30 Polestar Concept hits the 'Ring

It's been over three years since the Volvo C30 Polestar Concept was unveiled, driven by journalists and, as it turns out, lapped around the Nürburgring with Scandinavian Touring Car Championship driver Robert Dahlgren behind the wheel. For whatever reason, the video of the 'Ring track session was only published by the tuning company yesterday. (Another discrepancy: Did Polestar's C30 lose 46 horsepower somewhere along the line? Because the video states that it has 405 hp, while the company'

For Sale

2010 Volvo C30
$16,991 / 30,622 miles / WA
2008 Volvo C30
/ 98,945 miles / WA
2008 Volvo C30
$15,995 / 66,385 miles / WA
"It's fun to drive, has an excellent interior and it looks great
Seattle Volvo Downtown
1120 Pike St Seattle, 32565 0.2 miles
Schaefer Rita Volvo Commercial Finance
526 1st Ave S Apt 517 Seattle, 32568 0.9 miles
Bob Byers Ravenna Volvo
2700 NE 55th St Seattle, 32569 4.2 miles