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    Video: Jay Leno drives world's oldest and newest Volkswagen Beetle in Wolfsburg

    Jay Leno's job rules. Besides earning him enough scratch to buy and maintain just about anything he feels like in his now-famous garage, auto manufacturers are seemingly more than willing to jet him around the globe to sample their cars. This time, it's the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, the ...

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    VIDEO: Volkswagen wants you to have fun... taking the stairs

    Click above to view the video after the jump
    Volkswagen produces passenger cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs, but the German automaker also feels it has a civic responsibility to get our plumping society into shape. Proof of concept is this initiative by VW and ad agency DBB called The Fun ...

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    2010 VW Golf TDI starts at $21,990, rated 29/40 mpg - or maybe 30/42?

    2010 Volkswagen Golf - Click above for high-res image gallery
    For 2010, Volkswagen is again discarding the Rabbit badge in favor of the Golf name used in the rest of the world's markets. The European hatchbacks will begin arriving in the U.S. in the coming weeks, beginning with the GTI. The ...

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    REPORT: VW logs 13,000 orders for new Polo ahead of launch

    2010 Volkswagen Polo: Click above for a high res-gallery
    The new Volkswagen Polo is all-new for 2010, and early returns show plenty of interest in the little European hatchback. VW is reporting 13,000 pre-orders for the B-segment five-door; news that is sure to have executives at the German ...

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    VW's Up! could be coming to the States

    High fuel prices have started to change the way Americans look at transportation, and several automakers are rushing to market smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles onto US roads. Daimler Benz is in the final stages of launching the Smart fortwo city car here in the US, and Volkswagen is looking at ...

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    GALLERY: VW's Fahrenheit models are hotter than we thought

    Photo gallery hereVW has released a new photo set that shows its new US special edition models -- Fahrenheit, Wolfsburg, and Triple White -- in greater detail, and we're able to learn a few more things as a result. First of all, the Triple White Beetle Convertible does not have a white top, which ...

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    VW's 2007 models gets some individuality

    Volkswagen announced yesterday that they'd be pimping der own autos in limited edition trim for the 2007 model year. Much like the 'vapor blue' and 'reflex yellow' variants of the new Beetle offered a few years back, these mildly stylized offerings are more show than go, but will no doubt gain cred ...

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    VW unveiling sc-IROC-co concept in Paris

    Volkswagen will reportedly be unveiling a concept called "IROC" at the Paris Motor Show, according to The name is an obvious tip-off that the concept will likely be the predecessor to the production Scirocco that Wolfsburg is planning. VWVortex reports that the look will be a cross ...

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    Volkswagen R32 confirmed for U.S. consumption

    An army of Rabbits is about to invade our shores and hot on its heels is word from Wolfsburg that the meanest of VW hatches, the R32, is coming back for an encore in fifth gen trim. The previous R32 was available in limited numbers in the U.S. and the new model will likely be capped at 5,000 units, ...

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    Another 10,000 job cuts at Volkswagen?

    Rumors brought to light by German newsmagazine Der Spiegel suggest that Volkswagen's job cuts at its western Germany factories may eventually total 30,000, 50 percent more than the 20,000 target currently on the table. Apparently, the cuts would be necessary to increase production efficiency for ...


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