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15Benesse chooses Tesla Model S for new Shimajiro car, gets 'Monster' Tajima thumbs up

The Shimajiro EV is the coolest customized Tesla Model S yet. Our reasoning for this statement may seem obvious (see photo above), but it's about more than just looks. Ok, it's (mostly) all about the looks.

17Monster Tajima's electric Pikes Peak attack vehicle revealed [w/video]

Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima owns Pikes Peak, having summited quicker than anyone else these past six years. As we told you a little while back, his 2012 ascent will take place in a battery-powered racer for Team APEV (Association for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles). That car, the Monster Sport E-RUNNER Pikes Peak Special, has just been revealed.

8EVS: Bat'Lib, new battery swapping system for scooters, coming from Matra, DBT

The easiest battery-swapping station we've laid eyes on was unveiled at the 26th Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS26) in Los Angeles this week, but it's not for cars.

12GoPro releases final multi-angle edit of Monster Tajima's record Pikes Peak run

Nobuhiro Monster Tajima went to the 2011 Pikes Peak hill climb with a singular goal in mind: Run from start to finish in less than ten minutes. GoPro bet heavily on the Monster, and covered his car with a flock of logos and a gaggle of cameras. The GoPro team worked quickly to put together video of the record-breaking run, but we knew they had more up their sleeve. After all, they mounted the compact cameras all over Tajima's Suzuki SX4 Hill Climb Special, so we expected that footage to be put t

AddTajima shows off EV Mini Sport, a really expensive single-seat electric vehicle

The price tag for the new EV Mini Sport single-seat electric vehicle from Tajima Motor Corp. reads ¥2,079,000 (that's about $23,024 U.S. at today's exchange rate). This isn't totally crazy for an electric vehicle, because we all know that advanced light and powerful batteries are pricey. Wait, what'd you say? That's the price without a battery? Ouch.

18Ten-minute mark remains untouched as Monster Tajima wins Pikes Peak with 870hp Suzuki SX4

Monster's Suzuki SX4 Sport - Click above for a high-res image gallery

21Suzuki SX4 WRC takes to the tarmac

Click image for photo gallery

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