When you watch enough motorsports, it's sometimes possible to see a crash coming before the incident happens. Maybe a racer takes a bad line through a corner or gets too close to a competitor, but clearly contact is about to occur. This is absolutely not one of those situations.

Nobuhiro "Monster" Tajima likely ranks as the world's most famous hill climb racer, especially after setting course records up Pikes Peak. Even the most experienced competitors sometimes have problems, though. At the recent Race to the Sky event in New Zealand, Tajima experienced a sudden and catastrophic failure that shot his car down a hill.

This video provides about a minute of great footage of Tajima's run leading right up to the crash, and fantastic audio of his car. Even if the accident looks bad, don't worry. Tajima was joking afterwards, and according to the YouTube description, he was even signing autographs less than half an hour later.

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