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    Video: Lexus lets one lucky fan loose on Laguna Seca in LFA

    In August, Lexus held its Unleash the LFA contest on Facebook, with the winner getting to spend the day in its LFA supercar (at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, no less), receive track instructions from pro driver Scott Pruett and also win a three-day High Performance Driving Experience at Skip Barber ...

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    Official: Lexus launches "Unleash The LFA" contest [w/video]

    Lexus' annual Golden Opportunity Sales Event is in effect, and an additional bit of golden yellow to go along with it this year is the Unleash the LFA sweepstakes. The deal is simple: you log onto your Facebook page, check out the Lexus Facebook page, submit your personal details to enter the ...

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    The List: The List #0001: Graduate From A High Performance Driving School

    The premiere episode of The List is here, and the first thing anyone should do if they're considering tackling a must-do roster of automotive things is attend a high performance driving school. We have to make sure that our hosts Jessi Combs and Patrick McIntyre are prepared for everything that's ...

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    Autoblog Gets Schooled: Part Two

    Think back to your first time hitting black ice. Remember that surge of adrenaline? That sensation of impending doom and the all-encompassing focus you seemed to gain as the world slowed around you? Now imagine that experience, and all the accompanying sensations, drawn out for 20 minutes. That's ...

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    Autoblog Gets Schooled: Part One

    I remember the exact moment when I realized that I suck. I was braking hard into turn four, when the instructor ahead of me clipped the apex cone with the deft touch of an athlete, sending it into the air and onto the track. I drove through the cloud of dust in his wake and heard the small ...

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    Forbes' lists America's best driving roads

    We have to hand it to Forbes' on this one. This has been a feature that some of us have been mulling over for several months. The only thing that has caused us to hesitate is simply greed. We don't want everyone to know about our favorite roads. We've kept them hidden for so long that divulging ...


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