Recharge Wrap-up: Rimac Concept One vs. Bugatti Veyron, Tesla Autpoilot in the snow

Nissan Leaf charges a Tesla; Hyundai Tucson Fuel Cell gets more range.

Watch the Rimac Concept_One and the Bugatti Veyron drive head-to-head along the Croatian coast. Rimac Automobili founder Mate Rimac invited the Earl of Pembroke to drive his 1,088-horsepower EV, while he'd drive Lord Pembroke's Bugatti for comparison. Besides the scenic coastal roads shown in this first film, the pair also drove on a racetrack and an airfield. More episodes – and a drag race – are to come. Watch the video above, and read more at Teslarati.

Watch how Tesla Autosteer operates in the snow at night, with no lane markings and no lead vehicle. While Tesla doesn't recommend using Autopilot in these conditions, it seems to manage rather well. Even thought the system shows that it doesn't always recognize the curb, the car doesn't instruct the driver to take control. It's possible that data plays a key role when there aren't other guiding factors on the road, and Tesla's high resolution mapping and the car's GPS could help navigate when there is little sensor input. See the video and read more at Electrek.

Andromeda Power shows how a Nissan Leaf rescue car can charge a Tesla Model S. Andromeda Power uses its V2V Orca Inceptive onboard charger, which is meant for CHAdeMO to CHAdeMO charging. It requires a lot of equipment, including a CHAdeMO Tesla adapter, but it's definitely one way to feed a Tesla enough juice to get to the nearest charging station. Read more at Inside EVs.

Hyundai increase the range of its Tucson Fuel Cell by 30 percent. The next generation of the hydrogen powered Hyundai is expected in early 2018, and range will jump from 265 miles on a full tank to 348 miles. That surpasses the Toyota Mirai's 312-mile range, but not the 366 miles of the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell. Read more at Green Car Reports, or from the Nikkei Asian Review.

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