Unplugged Performance has released its front fascia replacement for the pre-refresh Tesla Model S. The Refresh Front Fascia, as it is called, updates older models to look a bit more like the new Model S, but with some of its own design elements to set it apart from the stock version. It uses the car's original factory lights, ducts, emblem, and hardware, but adds, most noticeably, a front spoiler. It is compatible with any Model S from 2012 to the first part of 2016, and can be returned to stock when you need to turn in your lease. It sells for $2,995 unpainted, and can be installed in a few hours at a body shop. Check it out in the video above, and read more from Unplugged Performance.

Panasonic is investing $256 million in Tesla's Buffalo, New York plant to make photovoltaic cells and modules. As part of the deal, Tesla has agreed to a long-term plan to purchase PV tech from Panasonic. The two companies will begin building cells and modules in 2017, with one gigawatt of production planned by 2019. This deal deepens ties between the companies, as Panasonic is Tesla's exclusive partner for Model S and Model X batteries, as well as those for the upcoming Model 3. Read more from Reuters.

A Chevrolet Volt owner made a video of their road trip covering 3,500 miles in less than five days. YouTube user N22Tango recorded the video using a Yuneec camera drone. The video captures the red Volt in front of huge satellite arrays, at a lava flow, in a place called Pietown, New Mexico, and along Route 66 in Winslow, Arizona. Check it out at Clean Technica.

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