Recharge Wrap-up: Norway hits 400K EVs, EcoReco Model R electric scooter

Podcasts from the year 2035 explore how transit could change our lives.

EcoReco is crowdfunding the Model R smart electric scooter. With various electric modes, a folding frame, extendable range, regenerative braking, free tracking, and various connectivity features, EcoReco calls the Model R the "ultimate personal EV for all." It has integrated turn signals, fall notification for emergency contacts, and an Early Bicycle Collision Avoidance System. Backers can still score a Model R scooter for as little as $725, which is more than half off its $1,500 MSRP. Check it out in the video above, and learn more at EcoReco's Indiegogo campaign.

Norway now has 100,000 electric vehicles on its roads. That's about three percent of its fleet, and amounts to a CO2 reduction of about 200,000 metric tons per year. As impressive as that is, the nation has set a target of 400,000 EVs by the year 2020, with 100 percent of new car sales being zero-emissions by 2025. As of September 2016, plug-in vehicles made up 28.8 percent of new car sales, with 19 percent being all-electric. Until there are more mass-market EVs, Norway's government has been providing strong incentives that have helped make it such a welcome home for electric mobility and a model for EV adoption in other countries. Read more at Electrek.

Podcasts from the future show us how transport innovations could change our lives. In a series from design firm Designit, the first podcast imagines 2035 NYC's "FlexStreets," in which streets take on different roles at different times of the day. The second episode follows "Fluid Neighborhoods" of people living and working in automobiles and boats. The third covers a "Cheesesteak Derby," in which competitors use the hyperloop for the quickest cheesesteak delivery from Philadelphia to NYC. In 2035, will focus shift from cities to regions, and how will cities and neighborhoods retain their identity when it's much easier to travel many miles quickly? Check out the "Future of Transit" podcasts, and read more at Fast CoExist.

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