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    VIDEO: Camaro TV spots through the years -- some more bitchin' than others

    inputstring3907209236 width450 titleoverrideCamaro Commercials Through the Years thumbids3558659364, 1820645673, 2431670562, 2647810900, 1613644370, 2117803458, 3537936226, 3284622571, 4236670134, 504290177, 822885043, 1840886473, 511351749, 2859813393
    Well, all the Camaro buildup is finally ...

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    Craigslist Find of the Day: Official car of Sprite, the Limon Camaro

    Those clever Hawkeyes don't need Xibit to pimp a ride, so here to represent Iowa pimps we have this 1988 Camaro IROC-Z, apparently inspired by a Sprite commercial. The great thing about any pimped piece of auto is that it sells itself -- all you need to do is see the car on the street and you know, ...

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    Spy Shots: VW Scirocco hits the 'Ring

    After subjecting us for years to dull econo hatchbacks and even blander sedans, Volkswagen impressed the automotive world when it took the covers of its Iroc concept. The vehicle featured an aggressive front-end, a powerful brooding stance and fluid surfaces, but at the same time it was instantly ...

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    VIDEO: VW IROC concept enjoys water sports

    No matter how nice we ask, beg or cajole, our pleas for a skid pad have fallen on deaf ears. We're not asking much. All we want is a safe place to hoon it up to our hearts content.Instead, we're forced to live out our four-wheel drift fantasies by watching repeats of Top Gear and now this, a video ...

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    Bastards! VW Scirocco won't be coming to the U.S.

    Click the image above for a gallery of the VW IROC concept.According to Automotive News, Volkswagen of America doesn't want the new Scirocco when it's released in the next few years. The reason? Another two-door, Golf-based hatch would cannibalize sales of the GTI, and with American's apparent ...

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    Next VW Rabbit to take cues from IROC Concept?

    Click for more speculative renderings of the next Golf/RabbitThe next-generation Golf/Rabbit will take many of its key design themes from the forthcoming Scirocco, according to enthusiast website InfoMotori. The Scirocco, as you know by now, is the name the production version of the IROC concept ...

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    IROC not rockin' at all in Daytona for '07

    For only the seventh time in the series' 30-year history, the International Race of Champions series will not run as a part of SpeedWeek at Daytona this year. Since the end of the sponsorship money pouring in from primary sponsor, Crown Royal, series president Jay Signore has been working ...

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    RR of the Day: Camaro goes around, comes around

    Another Camaro entry was submitted to the Autoblog Flickr pool, and while certainly not as significant as the first two Camaros we featured this week, Flickr member Lex9000's 1986 Chevy Camaro IROC Z has an interesting story nonetheless. Lex had always wanted a third-gen Camaro in black and he ...

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    Scirocco blowing back into showrooms

    Click for Photo GalleryIn perhaps the least surprising move in recent automotive histroy, Volkwagen has essentially confirmed that the production version of the IROC concept will revive the Scirocco nameplate. We'd have never guessed, what with "Scirocco" already clearly emblazoned across the ...

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    VIDEO: 2006 Paris Motor Show Booth Tour - VW / Audi / Lamborghini

    This is what happens when you turn me loose on an auto show with an expensive video camera. It's our first try at this whole video thing so be nice. We learned a lot and plan to put together about four more booth tours from the Paris show for you, so hopefully they'll each improve as we go along. ...

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    Paris Motor Show: VW Iroc Concept

    We did not get a chance to see the VW Iroc in person when it debuted in Berlin last month. So what a joy to have Eric Bryant snag these live shots of the 'reinterpretation' of the Scirocco theme. Enjoy more photos after the jump, and VW is hinting strongly that this vehicle may find its way into ...

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    VIDEO: Two vids of VW IROC Concept

    Volkswagen has opened the vaults and released everything it has on the forthcoming IROC concept that will officially debut at the Paris Motor Show next month. Prompted by a European auto mag that spilled the beans a bit early, the company released images of the concept that will become the next ...

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    VW unveiling sc-IROC-co concept in Paris

    Volkswagen will reportedly be unveiling a concept called "IROC" at the Paris Motor Show, according to The name is an obvious tip-off that the concept will likely be the predecessor to the production Scirocco that Wolfsburg is planning. VWVortex reports that the look will be a cross ...


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