RR of the Day: Camaro goes around, comes around

Another Camaro entry was submitted to the Autoblog Flickr pool, and while certainly not as significant as the first two Camaros we featured this week, Flickr member Lex9000's 1986 Chevy Camaro IROC Z has an interesting story nonetheless. Lex had always wanted a third-gen Camaro in black and he finally found one in good condition back in January of 2001. He got to enjoy the car for one Utah summer until financial trouble forced him to sell it the following October. In October of 2005, Lex was cruising the car lots when he happened upon a similar looking third-gen Camaro. You can guess what happened next. Turns out the Camaro on the lot was the same one Lex was forced to give up exactly four years and one day earlier.

We're not going to pretend that 1986 was as good a year for the Camaro as 1967, because it assuredly wasn't. The pony cars were still recovering from being neudered after a couple of oil shortages, and this particular car was distributing what power it did make through a four-speed automatic. Still, Lex apparently has fun with it and has installed a set of Z06 wheels that look positively strange on a Camaro, seats from a 1995 Camaro Z/28 and tinted the glass. In his own words he says, "Four years and a day after I sold her, I had my baby back. I'll never sell her again."

It's the age old tale of boy meets car, boy sells car, boy and car reunite and live happily ever after. How many of you have ever come across vehicles you've parted with out on the street again? It's an awkward situation that happened to me before, and while I didn't offer to buy the car back, I did wonder if the new owner was taking care of it as well as I had.

We're still willing to continue our Camaro theme this week if more submissions come pouring in, but if not we have no problem dipping deeper into the pool to find something special for you. Follow the jump to find out how to submit your vehicle for our RR of the Day feature.

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