Next VW Rabbit to take cues from IROC Concept?

Click for more speculative renderings of the next Golf/Rabbit

The next-generation Golf/Rabbit will take many of its key design themes from the forthcoming Scirocco, according to enthusiast website InfoMotori. The Scirocco, as you know by now, is the name the production version of the IROC concept car introduced last year will wear when it heads to showrooms. To illustrate what this could translate into visually, they contracted designer Andrea Rosati to create renderings of a Golf sporting the IROCized design language. InfoMotori was kind enough to permit us to reproduce the images here for you.

Obviously, there's nothing final about any of this. Whether or not you like the possible new look will have a lot to do with how much you like the IROC. We still think that new face makes the car look like some sort of Pokemon critter. But that's just us.

Tell us what you think. For visual help, we've attached a gallery of the IROC as well.

[Source: InfoMotori]
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