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VW unveiling sc-IROC-co concept in Paris

Volkswagen will reportedly be unveiling a concept called "IROC" at the Paris Motor Show, according to The name is an obvious tip-off that the concept will likely be the predecessor to the production Scirocco that Wolfsburg is planning. VWVortex reports that the look will be a cross between the Eco-Racer concept with a Concept-A roofline on a coupe body. The front-engine, front-wheel drive Scirocco will be built in VW's Portugal factory and has already been approved for sale in Europe. While that doesn't mean U.S. consumption is a given, response to the "IROC" concept in Paris and at upcoming auto shows in the U.S. will likely be a key factor in the company's decision to bring the IROC back to the States.

[Source: via GermanCarBlog]

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