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    Official: BMW, Boeing weave agreement on carbon fiber recycling research

    BMW has been at the forefront of volume automakers looking to invest in carbon fiber technology. The latest development in the German automaker's efforts is in the form of a joint venture with aircraft giant Boeing. According to a joint press release, the two companies will collaborate on further ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW i8 prototype gives us clearest view yet of its form

    The BMW i8 is still dashing through the snow on its way to a 2013 debut, and getting more revealing as it does so. The outline of the kidney grille has opened up a bit, and the outline of a Hoffmeister kink has been placed at the rear of the side windows. The door handles appear to have moved off ...

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    Report: BMW M1 successor still on track, to be called M8

    Automobile has taken a look into the medium-term future product plans of the German automakers, and one of the interesting nuggets is that BMW is still working on an M8. An updated BMW M1 has been a fantasy since the last of the 456 original M1s rolled off the line in 1981, and we're told that ...

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    Report: BMW to sell cars online?

    Here's a twist in BMW's foray into the EV market that we hadn't anticipated: Online sales. Bloomberg is reporting that when BMW launches its i3 electric and i8 plug-in hybrid next year, the German carmaker will be selling the cars direct to customers via the Internet. BMW is showing off its ...

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    Beijing: BMW i8 Spyder takes to the stage bearing eDrive name

    BMW has created the BMW i sub-brand for its upcoming production plug-in models, which currently include three concepts: the i3, i8 and the i8 Spyder. After keeping that third model away from our eager cameras at the New York Auto Show, BMW finally showed off the i8 Spyder Concept in the metal at ...

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    Is this what the production BMW i8 will look like?

    Judging from the spy photos we've seen recently, the BMW i8 is coming along nicely. With its more realistic bodywork, the hybrid supercar is beginning to look like something that actually belongs on public streets. Now Sonny Lim, former senior designer for BMW DesignWorks, has taken a stab at ...

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    Official: BMW i8 Spyder pops the top on future mobility

    BMW i, the sub-brand within BMW with its eye towards the future of mobility, has unveiled its third concept, the i8 Spyder. Based on the i8 coupe that debuted last year alongside the i3 city car, the i8 Spyder is at once an obvious followup, but also appears to be a couple of steps closer to the ...

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    Report: BMW nixes plan for M version of i8, but production car to have more power? [w/video]

    The BMW i8 plug-in-hybrid sports car is just the sort of crazy project that could help redefine the BMW brand – and perhaps even the notion of what makes a car enthusiast – for the 21st Century. It's the sort of out-of-the-box thinking we've been waiting for some automaker to deploy, ...

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    Spy Shots: 2014 BMW i8 caught with its doors open

    Judging by the recent spate of i8 spy shots, BMW is cranking away on the plug-in supercar to make sure its primped and ready for its on-sale date in 2014. However, one thing appears to be missing: the glass panel that extends down past the coupe's belt line. That same design element – ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW i8 breaks out of Mission: Impossible and into the real world

    If you went to the movies over the holiday, chances are pretty good you saw the latest box-office-topping Tom Cruise vehicle. We're not talking about the globetrotting explosion-fest it came wrapped up in, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol; we're speaking of the BMW Vision ...

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    Rumormill: BMW i4 and i5 on the way?

    With the BMW i3 and i8 guaranteed for production (well, nearly guaranteed), rumors are starting to swirl that BMW will add two more models to its high-efficiency i brand. Likely dubbed the i4 and i5, they will expand on the i3 and i8 platforms, respectively. The i4 will likely be a sporty, ...

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    Followup: Uncovering more details on BMW's i3 and i8 [w/videos]

    We've just wrapped up a series of workshops in Germany about all things BMW i, but before we drop our "Behind i" feature on you next week, we wanted to give you a few tasty morsels to chew on while you're pursuing our massive gallery of the all-new i3 and i8 concepts. If you haven't read our ...

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    Official: BMW i3 and i8 revealed [UPDATED w/video]

    We've just touched down in Frankfurt to get all the details on BMW's new electric cars, but before we get into the nitty-gritty of BMW i, its philosophy and the engineering behind it, here's a brief introduction to the first two models, the i3 and i8. Officially, the two artfully greenhoused cars ...

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    Video: First Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol trailer shows glimpses of BMW i8, 6 Series

    It's been a long time since we heard from globe-trotting international man of mystery Ethan Hunt, but it looks like he's set to take the screen again with Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol. The first trailer for the latest installment of Tom Cruise's action-packed espionage adventure has hit ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW Vision EfficientDynamics spotted on the set of Mission: Impossible 4

    Mission: Impossible 4 was filming in Mumbai, India with a rolling example of the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics/i8 concept on hand and ready for its closeup. The VED was accompanied by a 2011 BMW 6 Series during a scene in which the cars negotiate Mumbai's traffic-clogged streets. Though there's ...

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    BMW considering range extender for future EVs

    BMW i – Click above for high-res image gallery
    During today's Innovation Day presentation in Munich, BMW's head of electrical components, Dr. Christian Schmidt, revealed that the automaker is considering adding a range extending engine to its future electric vehicles. BMW has maintained ...

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    Video: BMW i8 prototype rolls on

    A few videos of the new BMW i8 undergoing winter testing have managed to make their way to the web courtesy of YouTube. The clips surfaced after our spy photographers managed to lay eyes on the green supercar frolicking through the snow. The clips give us a good idea of what the i8 will look ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW i8 spotted winter testing

    BMW i8 Spy Shots - Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW doesn't seem to be too engaged in trying to hide what the company's new i8 supercar will look like when it arrives – in fact, it's been so kind as to leave the label on one of its prototypes. Our keen-eyed spy photographers ...

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    Report: BMW i won't be limited to EVs; diesels, hybrids, motorcycles all possible

    If you're still trying to work your mind around how the new BMW i brand fits with the company's ultimate driving machine mantra, Autocar may have the piece of the puzzle that you're missing. According to reports, the German automaker is currently planning to flesh out the fledgling marque with a ...

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    BMW's new eco sub-brand to be called "i"

    BMW 'i' sub-brand – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We've known for some time that BMW has been hard at work developing a range of high-tech green vehicles, from the oft-mentioned MegaCity runabout to a production version of its Vision EfficientDynamics eco supercar. But up until ...


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