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14Turns out Millennials like driving about as much as their '80s counterparts

Over the past few years, it has become generally accepted wisdom that the Millennial generation cares less about cars and drives less than the generations of Americans that came before them. However, a recent dig into one dataset by The Atlantic's Citylab blog finds that assertion might not be entirely accurate.

17Drivers Who Text Know The Risks, Do It Anyway

Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous

Nearly everyone agrees that texting and driving is dangerous. Most people do it anyway.

26Halloween Is A Scary Day To Be On The Road

October 31 is one of the worst days for pedestrian deaths, car thefts and reports of vandalism

Halloween is consistently one of the worst holidays to be on the street. October 31 sees a huge share of pedestrian deaths, car thefts and car vandalism.

2Hello, Siri? Please Don't Crash The Car

AAA finds voice-recognition software still distracts drivers

Voice-recognition software that many automakers tout as a safer alternative to handheld devices can still divert drivers' attention, a new study published by AAA found.

64New '#X' Anti-Texting While Driving Campaign Picks Up Speed

AT&T reminds text-addicted drivers 'It Can Wait'

If you encounter a '#X' followed by silence during a text conversation today you might think the other person fell asleep on their phone, but they're actually letting you know that they're about to drive.

3Daily Driving Can Be Bad For Commuters' Mental Health

Avoiding driving a car to work could make commuters happier

A new study out of the U.K. suggests that if you want to be happier, ditch the daily driving commute.

221Drivers In Western U.S. State Named The Rudest In The Nation

East coasters follow close behind

A new survey suggests the rudest drivers in the country don't hail from big cities, but from America's heartland.

94Self-Driving Cars Could Be Bad News For Auto Insurance Industry

Driverless vehicles could cause insurance rates to plummet

Who is responsible when a self-driving car is involved in a crash? That question has been on a lot of car insurers minds, and a new study from the RAND corporation shows they have every reason for concern.

65Police officers using controversial network to keep tabs on motorists [w/video]

Critics Question Constitutionality Of Nationwide Program

Information includes details like motorists' social security numbers, addresses, identifying tattoos and hunches about which drivers to stop.

7Automakers To Fight Distracted Driving With New Technology

GM is the latest to plan for cameras to watch drivers actions

General Motors is taking the fight against distracted driving from billboards and public-service announcements into its cars, deploying new technology that keeps an eye on where the driver's are glancing.

1How Teen Driver Gender Is Linked To Crash Type

Young women and men crash in different ways and at different times

A new study from Kansas State University found that young men and women crash their cars at different times and in different ways.

2Which American Cities Have The Best And Worst Accident Rates?

Motorists in worst U.S. city average one crash every 4.3 years

Allstate Insurance released its 10th annual America's Best Drivers report this week. In reviewing millions of claims and taking into account factors like city density, population and even weather, researchers came up with a comprehensive list of cities with the best and worst drivers in America.

5'Navdy' Aims To Take The Distraction Out Of Driving

Aftermarket device could cut down on distracted driving

A new electronic device hopes to catch drivers attention spans up with technology by projecting cellphone functions into driver's view of the road.

17Driving High Questioned On Busy Day In Congress

Would drivers who are "high" travel too fast or too slow for safety?

Amid rancorous debate over other weighty issues Thursday on Capitol Hill, lawmakers wondered aloud whether driving cars after smoking marijuana is dangerous. Among the unanswered questions: Would drivers who are "high" travel too fast or too slow for safety?

3Drivers' Good Behavior Actually Creating Traffic Jams

Big traffic problems caused by small actions from individual drivers

Drivers can't see the bigger picture when it comes to how traffic flows, author Tom Vanderbilt told a crowd at the Boing Boing: Ingenuity Conference in San Francisco last month. And that's the fundamental cause of traffic jams.

181Cellphone Bans Don't Reduce Accidents, Research Finds

Thirteen states, the District of Columbia and several US territories have hand-held cellphone bans

Recent studies have found banning cellphone use while behind the wheel is not leading to a decrease in accidents.

481Teen Dies After Jumping On iPhone Thief's Car

Young girl was thrown from the back of the thief's getaway car, died two days later

Marisol Hernandez recently gave her daughter a new iPhone 5S on condition she get good grades during her sophomore year of high school. Rubi Rubio already had broken two phones, so Hernandez told her daughter if she broke this one it would be her last.

70Mysterious Man Clings To Back Of Speeding Car

Witnesses say he smashed through the rear window and climbed inside

A scene straight our of a horror movie played out Saturday along a stretch of highway in North Carolina as a man clung to the back of a speeding car.

10Elderly Couple Poses For Photo After Car Accident

A slow speed accident flipped the car on to its side

A California man investigating a commotion outside of his Bel Air home Wednesday evening found his wife calmly sitting in her car, only the car was on its side.

13Women Lag Behind Men In Car Maintenance Knowledge

Study finds a wide gap in understanding basic car care

Stereotypes are usually outdated, but some can still ring slightly true. For instance, a new study found women are less likely to know how to make the most basic care repairs.

AddIs America's Car Culture Coming To An End?

Changing habits and attitudes suggest America's romance with the road may be fading

After rising almost continuously since World War II, driving by U.S. households has declined nearly 10 percent since 2004, with a start before the Great Recession suggesting economics is not the only cause.

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