Pontiac GTO

The current Pontiac GTO represents the car it would be today if it had been kept around and allowed to mature, to learn new moves, to adapt to and adopt new technology, but always remembering how to have fun.The GTO is an icon of the American muscle car automotive industry. This rear-wheel drive…


2006 Pontiac GTO
MSRP: $31,290 - $31,290
2005 Pontiac GTO
MSRP: $32,295 - $32,295
2004 Pontiac GTO
MSRP: $31,795 - $31,795
1969 Pontiac GTO Judge vs. 2006 GTO, which Goat gets your vote?

The Pontiac GTO was perhaps the most iconic muscle car of the '60s and early '70s. With its beefy V8 and color palette screaming for attention, it summarized in a single vehicle everything that made the era so appealing to many young people. Pontiac tried to collect just a few drops of that aura again in the 2000s with a revived GTO, but with decidedly mixed results. The performance was still there with its big V8, but the looks never quite lived up to the powertrain. Now, Generation Gap wants t
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Now-Dead Cars That Launched 10 Years Ago

Automotive anniversaries are often big news. Last year, the Chevrolet Corvette turned 60 and the Porsche 911 hit 50. This year, the spritely Mazda MX-5 Miata turns 25. The iconic Ford Mustang just turned the big Five-Oh, too.
Colorado company making American Ute dreams come true

Randy Reese is the Colorado dreamcatcher for those who still light votive candles at the altar of Our Lady of El Camino. He fulfills his role by importing the bodies of Australian utes, like the one pictured above, and installing them on the chassis' of fully US-compliant cars like the Pontiac GTO, G8, or Chevrolet Caprice or Impala. His two-year-old company only builds a few cars a year - each one takes 2.5 months - but they're all fully done up with their original safety equipment, accessories

For Sale

2006 Pontiac GTO
$24,598 / 23,967 miles / MD
2005 Pontiac GTO
$11,491 / 111,751 miles / VA
2004 Pontiac GTO
$10,750 / 74,152 miles / VA
"The GTO's handling is really more Deutschland than Detroit. In corners the front end bites hard and the rear tracks dutifully, the understeer staying mostly in the shadows.