Kia Soul

Rounding Out The Market's Best Box As a car critic, you can tell a lot about a new car just by looking at a map. That's because more often than not, the geography of where a vehicle is initially launched will tell you a surprising amount about how the automaker feels about its new baby.…

- Reviewed by Chris Paukert


2015 Kia Soul
MSRP: $15,190 - $20,790
2014 Kia Soul
MSRP: $14,900 - $20,500
2013 Kia Soul
MSRP: $14,400 - $19,900
2012 Kia Soul
MSRP: $13,900 - $19,600
2011 Kia Soul
MSRP: $13,300 - $18,495
Kia Soul EV will start sales in five more states by June

Automaker Cites California Popularity For Expansion

Kia Soul EV sales will come to Texas, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Georgia by June.
Sinkhole swallows car in New Jersey

A sinkhole in New Jersey opened up on a quiet neighborhood street Tuesday morning, swallowing a car whole and sending three families fleeing from their homes.
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For Sale

2014 Kia Soul
$16,549 / 16,038 miles / DE
2014 Kia Soul
$15,999 / 30,117 miles / VA
2014 Kia Soul
$16,999 / 8,929 miles / MD
"Soul handles much better than before, thanks to a better chassis and a retuned suspension.