Chevy Colorado

Be it in the category of luggage, pocket knives, personal computers or cars, the concept of an all-in-one, do-everything product is attractive to a lot of consumers. Why fuss around with stocking your pockets with toothpicks and tiny saws, asks Victorinox, when one well-packaged device can offer...

- Reviewed by Seyth Miersma


2015 Chevrolet Colorado
MSRP: $20,120 - $34,415
2012 Chevrolet Colorado
MSRP: $17,475 - $30,320
2011 Chevrolet Colorado
MSRP: $17,145 - $29,075
2010 Chevrolet Colorado
MSRP: $16,985 - $28,915
2009 Chevrolet Colorado
MSRP: $16,705 - $26,940
2015 Chevrolet Colorado GearOn Edition is ready to do that outdoorsy thing

Chevrolet has introduced a version of its Colorado geared (pun intended) towards outdoor enthusiasts with the GearOn Special Edition.
Malcolm Butler gets the MVP's Chevy Colorado

Rookie cornerback Malcolm Butler, widely credited with winning the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots, may not have been named MVP, but at least he got the truck - just as Tom Brady promised.
2015 Chevy Colorado gets its GearOn before Chicago

Chevrolet is bringing a special edition Colorado to the 2015 Chicago Auto Show that's targeted at outdoor enthusiasts and fans of its GearOn accessory line.

For Sale

2010 Chevrolet Colorado
$22,347 / 23,240 miles / VA
2011 Chevrolet Colorado
$19,795 / 101,900 miles / MD
2006 Chevrolet Colorado
$9,895 / 52,511 miles / PA
"It has the size, the features and the looks necessary to become the dominant truck in the compact class -- just don't mistake it for a midsize.
Jerrys Chevrolet
18 Fort Evans Rd NE Leesburg, 20176 6.1 miles
Jerrys Chevrolet
610 E Market St Leesburg, 20176 6.1 miles
Ted Britt Chevrolet
46990 Harry Byrd Hwy Sterling, 20164 6.2 miles