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Wood, Foust, and Ferrara apparently have a new car show in the works.

The airwaves will be saturated with car shows featuring a three-host format.

The EV has been on sale for three months in select states.

Chevrolet dealers in California are cutting prices sales fell in February.

Thirty cities would join up to buy plug-in police cruisers, trash trucks.

It's for trucks, police cruisers, and more.

Much of the data supporting an autonomous future is based on studies of today's transportation models.

Ford Focus Electric proclaims itself green with new paint color.

Green inside and out.

A leading problem area: infotainment systems.

Survey has a remarkable statistic about overall satisfaction

Why lowering the fuel-economy standards might not be in car companies' best interest.

Will the easing of fuel mileage standards be a good thing for the auto industry? At least one experts thinks not.

International Student Program covers car, maintenance, insurance.

Volvo's International Student Program.

Plows? We don't need no stinking plows!

Vehicle costs may be $1,800 higher by 2025.

Automakers' compliance with CAFE may cost 150,000 jobs.

Alpine is focusing on Europe and Japan.

For now, launching the brand in USA is too hard.

Pricier than competitors, but every C-HR has advanced safety features.

It comes with plenty of standard features and funky style.

And the Model 3 isn't even out yet.

Last month's hybrid sales rose fast, while February's plug-in vehicle demand rose even faster, with Ford and General Motors showing strong demand.

The new extended-rental program is called Maven Reserve.

Audi tops the global list, Tesla is eighth overall.

Audi tops Consumer Reports' annual list of top automaker brands, while Tesla finishes eighth overall, first among the domestics.

Goldman analyst says it's a good time to sell shares

The California electric-vehicle maker may need a cash infusion by year end.

PSA takes a low-key approach to its US return by investing in TravelCar.

PSA takes a stake in car-sharing service TravelCar, which will debut US operations out of Los Angeles and San Francisco airports in April.

Still short of the Bolt's, though longer than the i3's.

Power output also grows.

The secret is a recycled-paper honeycomb design.

It's strong, eco-friendly, and keeps delicate eggs safe. What's not to like?

A new program lets NSX buyers tour the factory and lend a hand.

Packages start at $2,700.

Almost 10 percent of all bridges in America are in need of repair or replacement.

In 23 states, over 9 percent of bridges require repair.

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